Schedule employee times & shifts. Directly export payroll data from our dashboard to excel & CSV or simply using one of our API integrations to auto-populate payroll real time into your preferred payroll software directly.


Create an employee schedules, handle employee time tracking, and receive time reports — from any device

Automates _clock-ins

Automates clock-ins

Payroll Management

Payroll Management


Geo-fenced check-ins



GPS Locations

GEO Location
of Workforce


Keeping track of employees is easier than ever with the eatOS attendance app. Create and publish schedules, approve time-off requests, track absences and vacations with your itemized calendar whenever,

GPS Tracking

Eliminate buddy punching! Employees can easily clock in and out directly from the app, but geofencing reduces timecard fraud by ensuring that they can only clock in and out when they are actually at work.

Time Tracking Alerts

See when your employees clock in and out in real-time within the app. Our system notifies Managers when employees forget to take a break, work overtime and clock out at the end of their shift.

Employee Management

Access information and manage employees effortlessly from one screen. With the attendance app, creating profiles for employees detailing their contact information, special dates (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries), time-off allowances and employment statuses is a breeze.

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