Experience next-generation efficiency with our all encompassing handheld restaurant management system. This compact, palm-sized solution encapsulates the full capabilities of a conventional point-of-sale system. Designed with an inherent focus on ease of use, it facilitates proficient order taking, along with both EMV and contactless payment options, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your restaurant, irrespective of online or offline status. Harness the potential of innovation tailored to suit the exigencies of the modern food service industry.


Wifi and 4G Connected

Real-Time MenuSync™

Contactless Payments


Fire to Kitchen

Save Costs, Powerful Features

Dispel the costly and labor-intensive legacy point of sale systems. Introducing an affordable yet featurerich handheld solution, built for ultimate convenience with effortless integration into existing infrastructure..

Real-Time MenuSync™

Ensures seamless synchronization between the dashboard and point of sale, allowing for timely updates to menus across both systems. Automated presentation of menus increases efficiency, saving time and resources.

Freedom Of Payment Options

Give your guests the power to customize their orders by selecting ingredients, sides and more straight from their own handheld device. Our unparalleled technology allows for payment through tap, swipe or dip, as well as electronic and paper receipts, ensuring an effortless payment process.

Powerful Compatibility

Easily integrate your restaurant operations with eatOS’s comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing point-of-sale, kitchen display system, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. No matter the size of your restaurant, our intuitive platform guarantees a streamlined experience.

Powerful Compatibility

Table management

Take charge of the guest experience with our handheld ordering system. Capture orders quickly and accurately to reduce table turn time and increase profitability. Delight your customers with hassle-free service and reliable results.

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.