One software suite to run your restaurant. The ideal Point of Sale, eatOS runs on any of our state-of-the-art devices.

Manage your employees easily
with eatOS.

Schedule shifts, issue payroll, and control time and attendance all with eatOS. Allow your employees' work to run smoothly so you can focus on giving your customers the best experience possible.

Use the eatOS attendance app to streamline service.

Allow your employees to clock-in via our attendance app on their phones, speeding up the workflow of a busy bar. Eliminate traffic on the floor and let your employees focus on serving your guests faster.

Never stop workflow because WiFi is down.

Don’t let a hiccup in your connection create a hiccup in service. The fully functioning online and offline feature of eatOS software keeps all your devices operational no matter what. Never refuse or stall service because of a connection error again.

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