eatOS is the world’s first all-in-one restaurant management platform. With Point of Sale, Kitchen Displays, Kiosks, Pay-at-Table, Loyalty and Online Ordering, we are on a mission to deliver a seamless experience and make managing all of the restaurant’s technology touchpoints a breeze.


Get real-time data of your restaurant’s performance from anywhere on any device.

Advanced insights&reporting

Advanced insights & reporting

Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Automated nightly report

Automated nightly reports

Performance reporting

Performance reporting

Cloud report

Cloud Report

Real-Time Data

Make decisions at the speed of business. eatOS cloud and app based dashboard keeps you updated on all activities at your restaurant in real-time so you are always in the know.

Cloud Reports

Cloud Reporting lets you access reports from the Point of Sale, web or even your mobile phone. Access all reports in real-time anywhere and free up your time to do what you do best: running your restaurant!

Practical Insights

We go above and beyond with our analytics by giving you insights on how to save money, work more efficiently and improve your overall business.

Multi Device Support

Access eatOS’s Merchant Dashboard from any device, even a smartphone. When you’re on the go, eatOS goes with you.

Multi-Location Reporting

Drill reports down to store-level details or pull overview for multiple locations, customize results and control access along the chain of command.

Comparative Reporting

Comprehensive analytics engine to make educated business decisions by comparing your restaurant's performance progression. Our customizable reporting engine provides automatic pre-configured reports easily understandable format and file type.

See How eatOS Works For Your Business Type

Get real-time data of your restaurant’s performance from anywhere on any device.

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