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Restaurant Products

Tools for every type of restaurant, including yours.

Point of Sale

eatOS is a powerful cloud-based restaurant management and payment processing eco-system. It is the perfect companion for Quick & Full-Service Restaurants.

Scheduling & Payroll

Schedule employee times & shifts. Directly export payroll data from our dashboard to excel & CSV or simply using one of our API integrations to auto-populate payroll real time into your preferred payroll software directly.

Kitchen Display System

KDS connects the kitchen to all your systems including POS, Kiosk & Digital ordering. Includes detailed analytics & reporting of individual item prep times, cancellations & food wastage.

Pay at Table

With eatOS tableside technology, enable your team to be more efficient by taking tableside orders and letting your customers pay at their convenience, right at the table.

Digital Ordering

Digital & online ordering enables online and mobile ordering for your customers at your restaurant. Features include saving customer & credit c ard profiles and seamless integration to the Point of Sale, KDS and Reporting backend.

Omni Payments

Accept all types of payments i.e. Credit & Debit Cards, Digital wallets & more all at the POS, at the Table, Online, in-App & at the Kiosk. Choose the best payment platform for your business.


Experience the Future of Food Service now with eatOS state-of-the-art technology.

Smart POS

eatOS software operates smarter than other POS systems. We remember what items sell and which ones don't, to give you analytics and recommendations to help grow your business.


Swipe, sign and print all at-table. Speed up service and the customer payment process by bringing your easy to use POS device to them.

Omni Payments

Never turn away a customer because you don't accept their payment type. Allow customers to pay however they want with eatOS.

Scheduling & Payroll

Manage every aspect of your employees work experience. eatOS schedules shifts and fully accounts for and issues payroll so you don't have to.

Digital Ordering

Accept online orders for your on-the-go customers so you can be prepared to serve whoever, whenever, easily.


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