eatOS is the world’s first all-in-one restaurant management platform. With Point of Sale, Kitchen Displays, Kiosks, Pay-at-Table, Loyalty and Online Ordering, we are on a mission to deliver a seamless experience and make managing all of the restaurant’s technology touchpoints a breeze.


Reach more customers with no extra work, save on labor costs, and eliminate vendor fees.

Real Time _Menu Sync_1

Real Time Menu Sync

No 3rd Party Commissions_1

No 3rd Party Commissions

Your branded mobile app

Your branded mobile app & website

Easy and Intuitive

Easy and intuitive



Easy And Intuitive

Create a modern ordering experience with eatOS online ordering. Our user friendly, customizable storefront. Lets you easily connect with your customers online.

No 3rd Party Commissions

With Online ordering, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and expensive commissions. Give your customers an easy way to beat waiting times and queues to place orders and pay.

Cloud Connectivity

Our cloud-based software means mobile orders are settled and placed instantly and customers always know what’s in stock.

Real-Time Menu Sync

Proprietary MENU-SYNC technology automatically updates menu with add-ons, new items and ingredients across all devices from the dashboard or APP.

Your Own Branded App

Easily customize your interface with company branding to give your products, menus and schedules cohesive recognizability.

Seamless Integration

Never stall online orders again. With eatOS, managing any combination of order types is easier than it's ever been; as soon as an order is placed, it is instantly sent to the kitchen to be prepared.

See How eatOS Works For Your Business Type

Reach more customers with no extra work, save on labor costs, and eliminate vendor fees.

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